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About Us

Hi my name is Malorie

Creative, Out going, Dreamer, Open minded, Deep, Humorous, Emotional, and Down to earth

All of these words and sayings describe who I am as an artist.

My Specialties: art work: painting, sketching, pen and ink, drawing, portraits, jewelry design, etc.

My Creativity began to expand when I spent almost ten years working in an office setting. I began wearing paper clips like earrings, which grabbed a lot of positive attention from those who saw them. They are so lightweight and comfortable that I continue to use them as my main earrings of choice. As an artist I decided to put my talent to use and
the creation of CLIPS was born.   My designs are one-of-kind made from assorted beads, charms and other things I have in my eclectic collection of what-nots. I have also taken my clips one step further with the crafting of gauged ear plugs in a clip shape. 

I hope you enjoy my collection of fun and stylish earrings.

Home > About Us

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